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Roush Performance – Yonge Steeles Ford

The best Ford Dealer in Canada is Yonge Steeles Ford (YSF). It  is also the #1 Ford Dealer in volume.

Yonge Steeles Ford has a wide collection of Roush F150 and Roush Mustang to choose from. We have a Roush trained Sales Team with years of experience in Ford vehicles and Roush Accessories (that can be installed on your vehicle by a Roush trained technician).

If your desired Roush vehicle is not in stock, Yonge Steeles Ford can order it for you and get you priority delivery using preferential privileges. Customers from Toronto, the GTA and the whole Ontario visit us to get their Ford vehicles upgraded and tuned up with various Roush Parts & Packages installation.

What is Ford Roush?

Ford Roush is the performance tuner to turn Ford street cars to the performance-oriented vehicles. Roush has been laying the rich legacy in the field of motorsport and has done countless innovations in various fields of motorsport.

Roush has been upgrading the performance of the Ford vehicles for over 40 years of hard work. Jack Roush along with Wayne Gapp, were the founders of the Roush legacy that started their own racing team in the early years of 1970. Since then Roush has been the well-acclaimed brand for tuning the stock engines.

With the robust engineering and the spirit of entrepreneurship, Jack Roush founded Performance Engineering in 1976. He started selling the robust designs he created for his team to the wider array of vehicles like street cars, drag cars, hill climbing, racing and offshore powerboats.

Roush retained its glory in on-track competition in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) road racing series. The path was paved with continuous victory for Roush with 24 national championships, 12 manufacturers’ championships, and 119 road racing victories. Not only that, but Roush was victorious in 10 consecutive 24 hours Daytona sedan-class championships Roush took the bold step by moving his operations into the world of NASCAR racing. He started with 1 car team that  led to 13 drivers and NASCAR rookie of the year awards.

Which are the victories of Roush?

In  2007, Roush Racing and Fenway Sports Group formed an iconic partnership that brought two revolutionary companies together as Roush Fenway Racing. They brought a wide array of victories to the house and they are

  • 325 cup series victories
  • 5 NASCAR owners championship
  • 3 NASCAR driver’s championship

Since then ROUSH has been the premium racing sports brand.

Why Ford Roush is in Canada?

Canada has been a lengthy playground for Ford vehicles and a prominent player in the automotive industry. Ford has been setting the benchmark for quality, safety, and power for the non-commercial vehicles. The Ford F150 and Ford Mustang have been a leader in terms of sales and customer satisfaction in Canada. Roush Ford is promoting that to a great extent by providing Ford F150 and Ford Mustang a racing edge. There are several performance packages available by Roush for Ford Mustang and Ford F150.

For those who want to feel the rush of racing in their stock car, they can opt for the performance packages offered by Ford Roush in Canada.

As an official Roush dealer in Toronto, Yonge Steeles Ford is the number 1 dealer in volume for Ford F150 across the country. We have a plethora of Roush vehicles for display, test drive and sales. We encourage you to visit us and our Roush product expert, who will guide you through the tough task of selecting the right Roush vehicle and Roush accessories.

While upgrading your Ford with Roush Performance, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your vehicle as some packages don’t void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Which vehicles are upgraded by Roush Performance?

Roush only upgrades the selected line of Ford vehicles like the F series and Mustang.

What are the F- series vehicles are upgraded by Roush?

Roush has been upgrading Ford F150 and F250. It has been upgrading the performance of F150 and naming it as

  • F150 C
  • F150 Nitemare (US only)
  • F150 Sport
  • Roush F150

All the F150s upgraded by Roush are unique in their own way.

To take a step ahead, Roush also upgrades F250 to an unbelievable level of performance and comfort.

Which are the Mustangs upgraded by Roush?

There is wide array of Mustangs upgraded by Roush and they are named as follows

  1. Stage 1 Mustang
  2. Stage 2 Mustang
  3. Stage 3 Mustang
  4. Jack-Hammer Mustang
  5. P-51 Mustang
  6. R S Mustang

Apart from any other upgrading brands, Roush is the only one that provides the warranty of transmission of up to 5 years. Ford Mustang is the true American muscle car with Roush’s vision to deliver the perfect combination of raw power and meticulous handling coupled with unparalleled capabilities and safety. Ford Mustang enhanced by Roush is the most desirable combination of a race car and a classic muscle car.

Yonge Steeles Ford – #YSFord

We at YSF strive to deliver the best experience in buying Ford F150Ford MustangUsed Ford Vehicles, Roush Ford vehicles.

From the moment you step in our dealership, our product experts will take great care of you and will make sure that you find the right Ford. We have a state of the art system for delivering the best services possible.

The best possible place to get your Ford is undoubtedly YSF because buying the car is just a start. It is followed by maintenance, accidental repairs and insurance claims. We have a team to manage all the tough tasks for you so that there is no need to worry.

We have a special team for people looking to buy a car with a bad credit. We have received the approvals of some of the most challenging credit scenarios.