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Service Offers

Brake Pad Replacement


Ensures optimum braking performance

Brake pads and shoes gradually wear down impairing the performance of the vehicle’s braking system.

Emission Service


Will restore lost power, performance & improve fuel efficiency

Carbon deposits are created with a combination of crankcase contaminants, stop & go driving & poor fuel quality.

This causes loss of power, performance & hesitation.

HVAC Service


Will improve the in-car air quality by removing allergens, mold & bacteria

Over time, dirt & debris can accumulate in the HVAC cavity, blocking the drain.

This results in the formation of bacteria, mold & mildew in the wet environment, creating unpleasant oudors & a pontential health hazard inside the vehicle.

Works Package


Helps keep your vehicle running smoothly


  • 83 point inspection
  • Comprehensive vehicle report card
  • Tire rotation
  • Premium Oil & Filter Change